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How To Green Your Mind
To fully experience and benefit from your time outdoors, try following the simple steps outlined below.
They are designed to help you uncover a deep inner peace. Along with developing your inner wisdom
through connecting with the natural world around you
"Anyone can talk, but to listen is a gift."
~ J. Benson
Step One: Dress Appropriately
You don't want to be distracted by the discomfort of being too cold, too exposed to the sun, or unable to go
off trail because you aren't wearing proper clothing. Make sure you have some "go-to" clothing items that
you can pull on and get outdoors protected from the elements.
Step Two: Unplug
Turn off the cell phone and electronic devices. This is not a time to listen to music or engage in chatter.
Take your ell phone in case of an emergency but refrain from checking it unnecessarily.
And if you feel a little nervous outdoors, it's wise to purchase pepper spray and keep it in your outdoor gear.
Step Three: Step Outside
Finding a location to "Green Your Mind" can be as simple as gazing out a window or taking a walk around
your neighborhood. You can also establish a location that is more wild that you can go to regularly and start
to feel at home in. Or branch out and try a new spot and have fun exploring the unknown. See
Step Four: Be Curious
Our mind likes to define things such as identifying that flower as a daisy and that bird as a goldfinch etc.
Often when we define something we then think we know what it is. And thinking we already know it we can
lose interest, turning quickly to the next thing catching our attention. But we've only scratched the surface.
So before you pass it by try staying in the moment of curiosity. Practice being present to it. Go beyond your
preconceived notions of it. Get to "know" it from an expanded viewpoint simply by observing more fully.